Panel discussion in our summit 2019

How Policy is shaped by Natural Capital

28th May 2024

Our latest event explored how different areas of policy are informed and shaped by Natural Capital. Natural Capital is an essential component in various areas of policy making, and its understanding and protection can be critical in the successful implementation of these policies.

Developing a marine natural capital code

23rd November 2023

At our latest event, a panel of experts from the marine sector examined the principle of marine natural capital, the potential for this as an area of investment whilst maintaining quality of these environments, and the issues that arise from this.

Biodiversity net gain policy across the UK

20 September 2023

For this event, Amy Wright, principle ecologist at Native Ecology, discussed the biodiversity net gain framework developed in England. Following this, Simon Brooks, strategic planning manager at NatureScot, introduced the approach set out in the Scottish Government policy. This was followed by an audience Q&A.

How can humanity sustainably engage with nature? – The Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity

17 February 2021

Dr Ruth Waters from the Dasgupta Review summarised the main messages from the review on the economics of biodiversity, commissioned by HM Treasury, followed by Q&A on the key questions for the research and policy communities to take forward.

Natural capital priorities for coping with change

14 January 2021

In the panel discussion, thought leaders from science, policy and business to discussed natural capital priorities for coping with economic and societal change. The discussion and distilled priorities will act as a springboard for future dialogue and collaboration.

Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity

21-22 April 2020

The meetings brought together leading experts from natural, social and economic sciences to discuss conservation and restoration, consumption and efficient use of natural resources with the HM Treasury’s Review team. The discussions feed into the key messages of these Review chapters.

Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019

21-22 May 2019

The Natural Capital Initiative’s 10th anniversary summit offered an independent platform for people in science, policy, NGOs, businesses and local communities to discuss and debate innovative natural capital solutions that enhance the environment and strengthen society.

Making natural capital financing for peatland viable

13 September 2018

Our seminar in collaboration with the IUCN Peatland Programme, eftec and the UKNEE discussed peatland conservation and natural capital financing. These discussions feed into the work of the IUCN Peatland Programme but also inform wider work on natural capital financing.

Natural Capital Protocol for land-based businesses

18 June 2018

Our dialogue session in Edinburgh discussed the experiences of land and water managers of using the Natural Capital Protocol in land-based businesses. What are the challenges and benefits of using natural capital approaches in this sector?

Taking Wholescape thinking forward

29 March 2018

In March 2018, we organised a workshop to promote integrated management of land, coast and the sea through partnerships. In this workshop, experts in land and water management discussed “Wholecape thinking” and its links to other initiatives and the 25-year plan.

Embedding the natural capital approach in the built environment

6 October 2017. In partnership with Arcadis.

Building on last year’s succesful event “Beyond Concepts”, this interactive workshop aimed to go beyond strategy to consider how the natural capital approach can be implemented within the built environment sector, and identify the practical steps needed to embed this approach on the ground.

The Future of Evidence-based Environmental Policy in the Brexit UK

7 February 2017
The environment was seldom discussed in the run-up to the EU referendum, yet UK environmental policy is largely set by Brussels. What might ‘taking back control’ mean for the environment? About 100 environmentalists, economists and policy thinkers discussed the future of evidence-based policy making in the UK at a meeting hosted by the Natural Capital Initiative and the UK Network of Environmental Economists.

Making Natural Capital Data Meaningful

20 October 2016
There is a wealth of data and mapping regarding our natural capital – but how useful is this data to local decision makers who want to take natural capital into account? What information do they need? What tools are useful, and what underpinning data is needed for these tools?
This event brought together data users and data producers to ascertain what they key challenges and opportunities are in making natural capital data meaningful and usable, and how to overcome them.

Beyond concepts: Natural capital tools for the UK construction industry

6th October 2016
Natural capital is fast becoming a priority business issue. Yet there is a lack of understanding around the application of natural capital concepts to construction industry practices.
CIRIA and the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) came together to hold a briefing session on the application of the Natural Capital Protocol in the construction industry. This session brought together construction industry leaders, leading natural capital scientists, and policy-makers to discuss how this and other tools can be applied to benefit the industry and our natural environment. Read the event report.

Building Prosperous Cities

The role of ‘natural capital’ and ‘green infrastructure’
27th September 2016

A very successful session on natural capital in the metropolis at our natural capital summit showed how forward thinking cities use ecosystem services assessments and integrating findings into city planning to achieve multiple benefits, including improving people’s health. This event investigated UK towns and cities as powerful drivers and agents of change when it comes to integrating natural capital into decision making. The Dialogue Session was developed by the Ecosystem Knowledge Network, the UK Constructors Group for Biodiversity and innovative city councils.
Visit the EKN website to learn more

How useful is an ecosystem services approach in participatory decision making? Lessons learnt

European Ecosystem Services Conference
19-23 September 2016

As part of the European Ecosystem Service Conference, this session examined the success, and also the limitations, of modelling and mapping focused on ecosystem services when used to inform participatory planning for sustainable development, valuation, or similar decision making processes.
The session particularly looked to share experiences in real cases, whether undertaken at national, regional or local scale, and will examine case studies from around Europe and beyond to learn lessons about factors influencing the level of success, how to measure it, and what we can learn from our mistakes.
This session was jointly hosted by the ESP mapping and integrated valuation working groups and the Natural Capital Initiative.

NCI Dialogue: Natural Capital Monitoring

8th January 2016

Systematic monitoring of natural assets has been identified as a major challenge in prioritising actions and allocating resources for the protection and enhancement of our natural capital. NCI hosted a breakfast meeting focussing on natural capital monitoring and data on 8th January 2016 at Charles Darwin House in London. Chaired by Prof Rosie Hails, Director of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and former chair of NCI, over 80 attendees learned and discussed the availability of natural capital data as well as gaps, monitoring and data needs, and how these are currently being addressed by science, policy and business.

NCI Dialogue: Natural capital without boundaries: integrating the management of catchments, coast and the sea through partnerships

12 October 2015

This dialogue session brought together 30 experts from academia, policy, statutory agencies and business to share knowledge how partnership approaches can lead to better management of our natural capital in water ecosystems. The aim of the Dialogue was to identify key priorities for future actions for an integrated management from freshwaters and the land to the marine environment and how these may be achieved.

NCI Dialogue: Putting the Ecosystem Approach into practice – what can it do for you?

28 September 2015

The aim of this dialogue session was to discuss the opportunities for putting the Ecosystem Approach into practice, focusing on when and how to connect and build on existing initiatives, concepts and activities. We aimed to scope practical implications for different types of organisations (e.g. businesses, public agencies, policy) and the implications for future information needs (including for monitoring & evaluation) so as to inform future management of natural capital.

Valuing Our Life Support Systems Report Launch

25 June 2015

The Natural Capital Initiative’s “Valuing our Life Support Systems” summit report was launched at Portcullis House. Chaired by Barry Gardiner MP, speakers Mike Acreman (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), Rosie Hails (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Natural Capital Committee), Will Evison (PwC), Bill Sutherland (University of Cambridge, British Ecological Society), and Ruth Waters (Natural England) offered their reflections on the key messages from the report, and how they might guide future thinking on natural capital. Click here to learn more.

Valuing Our Life Support Systems

6-7 November 2014

Following our initial launch event in 2009, Valuing Our Life Support Systems, our natural capital summit once again brought together leading influencers from across academia, policy, business, and civil society. By facilitating cross-disciplinary dialogue between 250 delegates, the summit assessed gains made and further enabled the valuing of natural capital in planning and decision-making based on sound science.

NCI Dialogue: Flooding

22nd September 2014

This solutions-focussed workshop brought together researchers, policy and business decision-makers to explore and discuss flood management approaches that utilises and benefits our natural capital. Read more.

NCI sessions at the World Forum on Natural Capital

6 December 2013

The NCI hosted two sessions at the World Forum on Natural Capital (WFNC), on ‘What synergies exist between public and private natural capital accounts?’ and ‘International trade and natural capital accounting beyond borders’. Click here to read a summary and three blog posts reflecting on the WFNC.

Workshop on natural capital and barriers to evidencing impacts on human health

19 Aug 2013

NCI hosted a workshop, chaired by Professor Bill Sutherland, at INTECOL 2013 on the linkages between health, wellbeing and natural capital. Click here to read more.

Workshop for Economists and Ecologists: Forging interdisciplinary links to inform public policy

8 May 2012

NCI organised a workshop to encourage greater interdisciplinary working and knowledge exchange between economists and ecologists. The chosen case study theme was sustainable agriculture. Click here for details.

Enabling citizen choices about land use and the natural environment

16 February 2011

An open forum to draw together lessons from projects that make citizens more central in choices about land use and the natural environment. Click here for details.

Ecosystem services and the delivery of health benefits

28 September 2010

This one day seminar explored how health considerations can be integrated into the ecosystems approach, and into planning and development decisions more broadly. Click here for details.

Towards no net loss and beyond

June, September and December 2010

Three inter-disciplinary workshops that addressed challenges for the increased use of biodiversity offsetting in the UK. Click here for details.

GM discussion

21 January 2010

Professor Rosie Hails of the NCI led a discussion hosted by the British Library entitled ‘GM crops and food security: curing the world’s growing pains?’ Click here for details.

Sustainable Cities

15 June 2009

A debate on Sustainable Cities held at the British Library. Speakers included Ken Livingstone, Lorna Walker, Peter Wilder and William Bird. Click here for details.

Valuing our Life Support Systems

29 April-1 May 2009

A three-day symposium aimed to identify gaps in research, policy and implementation of an ecosystem approach and recommend solutions. Click here for details.