NCI Dialogue: Putting the Ecosystem Approach into practice – what can it do for you?

28 September 2015, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

The Ecosystem Approach was defined by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) as an integrated approach for managing ecosystems for sustainable use and equitable outcomes. The concept has high level policy support, however, understanding exactly when and how to implement the Ecosystem Approach is challenging.

NCI brought together 20 experts who have experience with the approach (researchers, practitioners and policy-makers) in a ‘NCI Dialogue’ to discuss their views on the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach. This allows us to build on the practical experiences of those working with the Ecosystem Approach when reaching out to other sectors and stakeholders in the future.

Chaired by Dr Kerry Waylen & Dr Kirsty Blackstock from the James Hutton Institute.


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