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New Year: resolution or revolution?

NCI chair Dr Laura Bellingan asks what new year resolutions we should be making for people and nature. Read more (December 2020)

Sparkler and a field

Building greener futures

What counts as a green recovery? Our blog discusses what “green” looks like and what is needed to build greener futures. Read more (November 2020)

Could nature be the solution?

How can we work with nature to address the climate, nature and health crises? Read our reflections from the Nature-based Solutions Digital Dialogues. Read more (August 2020)

Does nature have a place in our economy?

Governments hold the key to recovery from the current crisis but are we ready for a radical change towards a more sustainable economy? Our blog discusses Notes from Lockdown and Economy in Time of Corona. Read more (May 2020)

Green growth that works

New book shares experiences of natural capital policy and financial mechanisms that can help us move from conceptual thinking to practical implementation. Read more (April 2020)

Capital gains

New report from the Natural Capital Initiative celebrates 10 years of collaborations in the effort to rethink how society values the natural world. Read more (October 2019)

Can voluntary conservation bring permanent gains?

The UK government is introducing conservation covenants in the upcoming Environment Bill. Minna Hartikainen from the Natural Capital Initiative delves deeper into the promise and pitfalls of voluntary conservation. Read more (September 2019)

10 years of natural capital dialogue

The Natural Capital Initiative celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019 summit in May. Laura Bellingan from the Royal Society of Biology reflects on 10 years of natural capital dialogue and explains why more is needed. Read more (April 2019)

National Parks Revisited – a literary review?

Michael Gove’s aptly timed launch of the National Parks review in late May is a step in the right direction for UK environmental commitments – but will key issues be addressed and how well will it pack a punch? Read more (July 2018)

The most pressing challenge for natural capital restoration in the UK – how to finance it

Bruce Howard, organiser of the Natural Capital Investment Conference, provides a perspective on the most pressing challenge for natural capital restoration in the UK – how to finance it. Read more (January 2018)

Building blocks for nature and people – report from our workshop

In our 2017 workshop, friends of nature and buildings came together to discuss natural capital in the built environment. Read more (December 2017)

Wholescape thinking – a guidance note

The Natural Capital Initiative has produced guidance for improving integrated management of land and rivers, the coasts and the open seas through partnerships. Read more (December 2017)

Looking across the natural capital landscape – a review of UK natural capital initiatives

At the moment there are several natural capital initiatives in the UK, promoting dialogue and knowledge exchange. The James Hutton Institute has reviewed UK natural capital initiatives to better understand their roles. Read more (December 2017)