Ecosystems Knowledge Network

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network is a resource for anyone wanting to share knowledge or learn about the practical benefits of an ecosystems approach to both people and nature. The Defra sponsored network is being developed by a partnership involving the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, the University of Exeter (Centre for Rural Policy Research). Countryscape and the Natural Capital Initiative.

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment assessed the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being. From 2001 to 2005, the MA involved the work of more than 1,360 experts worldwide. Their findings provide a state-of-the-art scientific appraisal of the condition and trends in the world’s ecosystems and the services they provide, as well as the scientific basis for action to conserve and use them sustainably.

National Ecosystem Assessment

The National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA) is the first analysis of the UK’s natural environment in terms of the benefits it provides to society and the nation’s continuing prosperity. Carried out between mid-2009 and mid-2011, the UK NEA has been a wide-ranging, multi-stakeholder, cross-disciplinary process, designed to provide a comprehensive picture of past, present and possible future trends in ecosystem services and their values; it is underpinned by the best available evidence and the most up-to-date conceptual thinking and analytical tools. is an inclusive process involving many government, academic, NGO and private sector institutions.

Valuing Nature Network

Valuing Nature Network – a network launched in 2011 for Valuing Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Natural Resource Use is being established to scope, develop and promote research capacity in the valuation of biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural resources. Sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council.

UK Network of Environmental Economists

The UK Network for Environmental Economists brings together economists from academia, policy and consultancy to ensure better sharing of knowledge and also encourage interdisciplinary work with other professions involved in environmental policy making and implementation. Further details on the network and its activities can be found at

UK Government’s Ecosystem Approach

UK Government’s Ecosystem Approach, which it is currently aiming to implement following the recommendations of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. The approach would provide a framework for looking at whole ecosystems in decision making, and for valuing the ecosystem services they provide, to ensure that we can maintain a healthy and resilient natural environment now and for future generations.

Living With Environmental Change

Living With Environmental Change is a partnership spanning research councils, government and business. The programme connects natural, engineering, economic, social, medical, cultural, arts, and humanities researchers with policy makers, business, the public, and other key stakeholders. It aims to help ensure the UK provides international leadership and solutions to the challenges faced during this crucial period, and provide the knowledge and tools to make informed choices about the future.

UK Government’s Foresight Programme

UK Government’s Foresight Programme – aims to bridge the gap in policy making between the short and the long term.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) is a major international initiative to draw attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity, to highlight the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and to draw together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to enable practical actions moving forward. Led by Pavan Sukhdev of the Deutsche Bank and sponsored by UNEP, the EC and Defra, among others.