Read the key messages from NCI meetings and workshops in our reports, guidance notes and policy briefings below.

Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019 – summary report
We need a new way of working to engage more people across disciplines, sectors and generations. Read all the key messages from the talks and workshops at the Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019 summit in our summary report.

Promoting natural capital assessment in land and water management – report
What are the experiences of land and water managers of natural capital assessments and how can we help to promote natural capital approaches in these businesses? Rear more from our report.

Defining and delivering resilient ecological networks: Nature conservation in England
In 2017 the NCI and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology invited leading ecologist to discuss how to deliver resilient ecological networks within England’s 25-environment plan. The results were published in the Journal of Applied Ecology.

Wholescape thinking – a guidance note
We need partnerships and integrated management of land and rivers, the coast and the open seas. Read more and contribute to our Wholescape thinking!

Embedding the natural capital approach in the built environment sector – report
What are the drivers, barriers and solutions to implementing the natural capital approach in the built environment sector? Read our report from the workshop, organised in partnership with Arcadis UK.

The future of evidence-based environmental policy in the Brexit UK
A joint event with UKNEE explored risks and opportunities for evidence-based environmental policy post-Brexit. Read more in our report.

Natural capital without boundaries: integrating the management of catchments, coast and the sea through partnership
The report summarises the findings from an NCI dialogue session on integrated management through partnership at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in 2015.

Putting the Ecosystem Approach into practice
The report “Putting the Ecosystem Approach into practice – what can it do for you?” summarises the findings of an NCI Dialogue on the topic in 2015.

The NCI video
Watch the video from the Valuing our Life Support Systems 2014 summit.

Valuing our Life Support Systems 2014
The Valuing our Life Support Systems 2014 report summarises the main findings, key messages to business leaders, researchers, and policy makers and planners.

NCI Dialogue: Flooding
This report summarises findings from the first NCI dialogue, a solutions-focussed workshop to discuss flood management approaches that utilises and benefits our natural capital.

Economists and Ecologists: Forging interdisciplinary links to inform public policy
Encouraging greater interdisciplinary working and knowledge exchange between economists and ecologists with a theme of sustainable agriculture. Read our summary report for policymakers.

Accounting for natural capital
Considerations in environmental science and management for the design of natural asset checks in public policy appraisal. Read more in a paper presented in a Defra workshop in 2011.

Ecosystem services and human health
Read the summary report for policymakers from NCI’s interdisciplinary workshop on ecosystem services and the delivery of health benefits at the British Library in 2010. Read also the summary report from the Valuing Nature Network’s scoping workshop on human health and the environment in 2011.

Participatory approaches in land use planning
Read the policy briefing and report from our open forum meeting on enabling citizen choices about land use and the natural environment.

Biodiversity offsetting

Valuing our Life Support Systems 2009
Read the summit report and executive summary from the NCI’s inaugural Valuing our Life Support Systems summit in 2009.

Listen to our 2009 podcast on Sustainable Cities and GM crops and food security through the British Library website.