British Library, London. 28 September 2010.

The Natural Capital Initiative and the British Library hosted a one day workshop to discuss how health considerations can be integrated into the ecosystem approach and into planning and development decisions more broadly.

Workshop themes

  • Does the evidence base linking environment and health warrant changes in policy and practice?
  • How can medical and environmental professionals work together to deliver improvements in the UK’s health?
  • What are the future challenges in monitoring and evaluating environment-led programmes for health benefit?

Event documentation

Summary report for policy-makers: Ecosystem services and the delivery of health benefits. Towards optimised health and environment planning (620 KB pdf)


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Session 1 Topic introductions

Session 2 Discussion groups

  • Group 1 Led by Dr Kate Jones, Institute of Zoology
  • Group 2 Led by Dr William Bird, Natural England
  • Group 3 Led by Dr Piran White, University of York
  • Group 4 Led by Dr Kelly Redeker, University of York
  • Group 5 Led by Dr Linda Beale, Imperial College London
  • Group 6 Led by Prof Ed Maltby, University of Liverpool

Session 3 Concluding discussion

  • Plenary feedback and discussion
    Group Leaders
  • Chair’s summary and close
    Prof Michael Depledge, European Centre for Environment and Human Health, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth