Operationalising the Natural Capital Protocol in land-based businesses

Dialogue session in Edinburgh, 18 June 2018

The NCI organised a dialogue session to exchange experiences of using the Natural Capital Protocol in land-and water-based businesses.

Download report: Promoting natural capital assessment in land and water management (4 MB)

Farming landscape in a summer evening

In our dialogue, we showcased findings from a Crown Estate Scotland project, testing the Protocol with Scottish farmers. We also discussed the experiences of other land and water managers across the UK, and explored how to support wider application of the Natural Capital Protocol and other natural capital assessments.

Our report summarises these discussions and proposes next steps to raise awareness about the importance of embedding natural capital assessment in land and water management. Here are two examples of new activities following the discussions at the workshop: Crown Estate Scotland are planning phase 2 following their successful initial contract applying the Protocol to three different land-based businesses in Scotland; and the James Hutton Institute are going to work with their research farms to apply the Natural Capital Protocol, which will add to the developing network of sites within Scotland. Watch this space for more examples as we hear about them!


Promoting natural capital assessment in land and water management (4 MB)

We look forward to taking things forward with you, Scottish Forum on Natural Capital and the Natural Capital Coalition! For more information, please contact minna.hartikainen@rsb.org.uk.

People discussing natural capital around round tables