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NCI to host two key sessions at the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital, Nov 21 – 22

The Natural Capital Initiative will be hosting and facilitating two key sessions at the major World Forum on Natural Capital, taking place in Edinburgh on 21st - 22nd November 2013. The Forum is aimed at providing "clear information on emerging risks and opportunities, with a

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More collaboration and dialogue needed between healthcare, policy & ecology – NCI hosts workshop at INTECOL 2013

In a workshop held at INTECOL 2013 on Monday 19th August by the Natural Capital Initiative, healthcare professionals and ecologists came together to discuss the links between ecosystems and human health. Such work is receiving increasing attention as the potential benefits for health, such as

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NCI hosting workshop on natural capital, health & wellbeing at INTECOL 2013

On Monday 19th August, NCI will be hosting a workshop at the 11th Congress on Ecology, 'INTECOL 2103', this year led by the British Ecological Society. The workshop is on natural capital and barriers to evidencing the impact of natural surroundings on human health. In

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‘Putting a Price on the Priceless?’ NCI Chair joins British Ecological Society and the Royal Geographical Society for public discussion

What difference is an emphasis on valuation making to the practical conservation of biodiversity and landscape management in the UK? How is valuation affecting business decisions and consumer choices? Is there the scientific evidence base to underpin these developments? Finally, is it moral to put

June 18th, 2013|NCI event|

REMINDER: Delivering Sustainable Agriculture in the UK discussion meeting

Following on from the Ecologists and Economists Sustainable Agriculture Workshop in May 2012, the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) and Agricultural Economics Society (AES) are convening a discussion meeting on "Delivering Sustainable Agriculture in the UK" to be held at the University of Birmingham, this coming Wednesday 19 December. The meeting will

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Ecological and economic perspectives on sustainable agriculture

This week, the Natural Capital Initiative ran a workshop to discuss how ecologists and economists can collaborate to increase sustainability in agriculture. Two keynote presentations outlined how farmers could be given incentives to protect environmental goods and services. These came from the perspective of ecologist

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