Greening the rules of the game

Earlier this year the Dasgupta review on the economics of biodiversity concluded that at the heart of nature’s loss lies deep-rooted, widespread institutional failure. Minna Hartikainen discusses what institutional failure means and what environmental governance options are available to address global environmental problems. At the

May 26th, 2021|NCI|

Can we capture the moment?

Can we capture the moment and change our relationship with nature and wealth? The Dasgupta Review on the economics of biodiversity calls for change in how we value nature and measure economic success. Minna Hartikainen discusses what it takes to turn transformative economic thinking into

February 24th, 2021|NCI|

New Year: resolution or revolution?

A "super year" for the environment turned into a tumultuous 2020, which has changed the way we think about health and the environment. NCI chair Dr Laura Bellingan asks what new year resolutions we should be making for people and nature. Tumultuous 2020 Looking forward

December 18th, 2020|NCI|

Building greener futures

What counts as a green recovery? The economic stimulus packeges are an opportunity to invest in a more sustainable future but governments need to recognise the importance of biodiversity loss alongside climate change to create a broader green and inclusive recovery. Minna Hartikainen discusses what

November 26th, 2020|NCI|

Could nature be the solution?

With nature headlining in the UN climate negotiations, the nature and climate communities are finally coming together. However, nature conservation and restoration are solutions to more than climate change. Minna Hartikainen reflects on the recent nature-based solutions dialogues and discusses how we can work with nature to

August 3rd, 2020|NCI|

Does nature have a place in our economy?

Governments hold the key to recovery from the current crisis but are we ready for a radical change towards a more sustainable economy? Minna Hartikainen discusses Notes from Lockdown and Economy in the Time of Corona. Posted on 27 May 2020 London's Victoria Park under

May 27th, 2020|NCI|

Green growth that works

If we want to move from conceptual thinking to practical implementation of the natural capital approach, we need to share knowledge and experiences of successful work. A new book by the Natural Capital Project, Green Growth That Works, discusses natural capital policy and finance mechanisms

March 31st, 2020|NCI|