Ruth Waters & Dave Stone, Natural England

Good quality natural capital benefits health and wellbeing.  However, these assets are not distributed evenly throughout society.  Consequently, there are environmental and health inequalities which are particularly marked in urban areas.  The purpose of this session is to understand the evidence around health and wellbeing inequalities that arise from the uneven distribution of natural capital, and to explore opportunities to remedy these issues.

Speakers in the oral session will explore issues of inequality and environmental justice around the relationships between natural capital and people with regard to issues such as air quality, access to greenspace and the associated benefits from that, and other issues such as tranquillity, flood regulation and heat stress.  We will then discuss opportunities and potential solutions through the management of natural capital or through better tools and guidance.

Speakers tbc.

This session is schedule for Day 1, 21 may 2019, 3pm-4.30pm.