Alison Holt, Natural Capital Solutions & Bruce Howard, Ecosystem Knowledge Network

Achieving a more integrated management of land and water is key to ensuring our natural environment has the capacity to supply ecosystem services now and into the future. In recognition of this, various types of organisation are now applying the natural capital approach as advocated in HM Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. Within this, a diversity of methods is emerging to assess natural capital at different spatial scales.

This session will discuss what lies at the heart of a natural capital approach, and how it connects with the needs and aspirations of organisations working at different spatial scales. Speakers will emphasise the importance of context to the effectiveness of managing natural capital and ecosystem services, and in so doing focus on the technical aspects of applying the approach, and the practical challenges faced by those who would like to implement it. Using both talks and a panel discussion, the session will describe natural capital work across England, including examples from Northamptonshire, the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Growth Corridor and Surrey.

Speakers and panellists:

  • Dr Jim Rouquette, Natural Capital Solutions
  • Prof Felix Eigenbrod, University of Southampton
  • Dr Bruce Howard, Ecosystem Knowledge Network
  • Prof Paul Leinster, Cranfield University
  • Sarah Chimbwandira, Surrey Nature Partnership

This session is scheduled for Day 2, 22 May 2019, 10.30am-12pm.