NCI is currently scoping a series of activities on sustainable resource management relevant to food and drink. To begin this work, we are carrying out an exercise to identify the key natural capital issues, from a research perspective, on three commodities. We are asking the research community:

What are the key research issues regarding the sustainable value chains of:

  • cereals
  • sugar
  • milk?

Does your research or experience highlight problems or solutions in this area?

Has your existing research or activity had a relevant impact?

Are you aware of research or reports that you feel is relevant?

We would welcome your responses on key issues and evidence for the sustainable production of these commodities, through to consumption and use of products, and national and international policy.

Contact us:
Deadline for responses: 19 February 2016

Further reading:

Commercial gains from addressing natural capital challenges in the dairy sector

A report commissioned by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and leading UK companies presents practical measures that could deliver a more sustainable dairy industry.