The Natural Capital Initiative will be hosting its second ‘Valuing our Life Support Systems’ natural capital summit on 6th & 7th November 2014, hosted by the British Library. Since our launch summit in 2009, a growing number of influential activities have emerged across all sectors within the natural capital space – from networks to research programmes, committees to coalitions. This emerging hive of activity is testament to the traction the natural capital concept has gained with a variety of audiences. Five years on, we will once again bring together 250 leading influencers from across academia, policy, business, and civil society within this expanded community and beyond to assess gains made and further enable the valuing of natural capital in planning and decision-making based on sound science. We are keen to co-design this event, creating a platform for the natural capital community to collaborate, cross-fertilise, and build meaningful dialogue resulting in recommendations for action.

The aims of the summit are to:

  1. Derive a common understanding of what natural capital really means;
  2. Understand in plain language the natural and social science behind it;
  3. Find ways in which sectors and initiatives can work together to apply it;
  4. Identify ways of ensuring that practical responses have scientific rigour;
  5. Communicate recommendations for ways forward across the sectors.

We very much hope you will join us and our partners for this important date in the natural capital calendar. We are currently working on developing the programme, and are keen to hear from potential contributors as well as sponsors.

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