Building Prosperous Cities
The role of ‘natural capital’ and ‘green infrastructure’
27th September 2016;  9.30am – 5pm
City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA

A very successful session on natural capital in the metropolis at our natural capital summit showed how forward thinking cities use ecosystem services assessments and integrating findings into city planning to achieve multiple benefits, including improving people’s health. This event will investigate UK towns and cities as powerful drivers and agents of change when it comes to integrating natural capital into decision making. The Dialogue Session is being developed in collaboration with the Ecosystem Knowledge Network, the UK Constructors Group for Biodiversity and innovative city councils.

There remains a strong case for investment in the communications infrastructure and built infrastructure of UK cities for their future prosperity. But what about green infrastructure, the networks of natural features that are crucial for climate change adaptation and the health and well-being of city dwellers? Is green infrastructure fit for purpose for now and the future? If not, what city-scale policies and programmes might improve it? How do we make a more effective case for restoring the natural capital of our cities?

Building Prosperous Cities is a unique opportunity to consider the role of green infrastructure and natural capital in the success of our cities.

The conference will address questions such as:

  • What is the added value of ‘natural capital’ and ‘green infrastructure’ for city-scale planning, design and management?
  • How do we involve urban citizens and secure investment to enhance the green infrastructure required for prosperous cities?

The programme will include:

  • Opening remarks from Rory Stewart MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Opening session chaired by Sir Michael Lyons, former CEO of Birmingham City Council
  • Keynote presentations by environmental economist Ian Dickie (eftec) and architect and urban planner Professor Tim Stonor (Space Syntax Ltd, the Bartlett UCL)
  • Case studies from UK cities that have put strategies into practice
  • Sessions on involving urban citizens, investment and measurement of natural capital and green infrastructure

*Early bird ticket sales end 30th June*

Please visit the EKN website for more information and to book onto this event.