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''Natural capital refers to the elements of nature that produce value (directly and indirectly) to people, such as the stock of forests, rivers, land, minerals and oceans. It includes the living aspects of nature (such as fish stocks) as well as the non-living aspects (such as minerals and energy resources). Natural capital underpins all other types of capital… and is the foundation on which our economy, society and prosperity is built.''
- The Natural Capital Committee

Recent News

  • Natural Capital – what would Eugene Odum have made of it?

Natural Capital – what would Eugene Odum have made of it?

  • October 8th, 2014

Professor Des Thompson, Principal Adviser on Biodiversity in Scottish Natural Heritage reflects on the progress made in our understanding of Natural Capital since the early days of understanding how ecosystems function.

Just over sixty years ago a textbook was published which arguably revolutionised our understanding of how ecosystems function. Fundamentals […]

  • Our environment as a health provider

Our environment as a health provider

  • September 29th, 2014

Ahead of the Natural Capital Initiative summit ‘Valuing our Life Support Systems’ in London this November, Professor Jules Pretty explores the links between our health and the environment.


Physical activity improves both mental and physical health, yet each year inactivity results in 1.9 million deaths worldwide, roughly 1 in […]

  • Scotland’s Natural Capital Asset Index

Scotland’s Natural Capital Asset Index

  • September 18th, 2014

Paul Watkinson  – an economist with Scottish Natural Heritage highlights the use of Scotland’s Natural Capital Asset Index. There are presentations on making more use of Natural Capital Asset Indexes at the forthcoming Valuing our Life Support Systems Summit.



The term ‘natural capital’ is a metaphor describing nature: a stock […]

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