Natural Capital & Mental Health: Urban Green Space

The third in a series of posts on natural capital and mental health, guest blogger Dr Lindsay Walker explores how urban green space and planning can impact on the mental health of residents.

More than 50% of people currently live in urban areas, with the global […]

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Announcing an exciting collaboration between NCI and CIRIA

Our natural and built environments are intricately linked, yet the application of natural capital concepts to construction industry practices is far from mainstream, and there still remains some uncertainty around the true impact placed on the natural environment. NCI has identified this as a […]

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Natural Capital & Mental Health: Depression

The second in a series of posts on natural capital and mental health, guest blogger Dr Lindsay Walker explores the emerging evidence of the impacts ‘green care’ or ‘ecotherapy’ can have on depression.

In the UK, one in four people will experience a mental health problem […]

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Natural Capital Protocol – An Introduction

Today the Natural Capital Coalition launched the highly anticipated Natural Capital Protocol. So what is the Protocol, and how does it fit with the increase in ‘natural capital activity’ we’ve seen in the last few years? Here is a brief introduction to the protocol, […]

Natural Capital & Mental Health: Dementia

Guest blogger Dr Lindsay Walker explores the emerging evidence that utilising our natural capital can have on mental health. This article, the first in a series of blogs, looks at ‘green interventions’ and dementia.

The UK population is ageing. By 2030, the number of […]

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Making WAVES

WAVES – the Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services partnership led by the World Bank, recently held its sixth annual meeting where it celebrated an important milestone – the implementation of natural capital accounting in its first five core countries; Botswana, Colombia, […]

Nature, Health & Wellbeing Research

Most of us can attest to nature making us ‘feel better’ – an invigorating hike, a relaxing picnic in the park, even a quick cup of tea in the garden, can restore us – body and mind. But how significant is it? Since we’re […]

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