Natural capital accounting and climate change


Matthew Agarwala outlines the contribution natural capital accounting can make in meeting the challenge of Climate Change.




In a recent article, my co-authors and I made the case for natural capital accounting in both the public and private sectors and called for greater integration between […]

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Accounting for nature


Richard Spencer introduces us to some of the dilemmas we face as we begin to account for the value nature has in underpinning economic activity.




We often think of accounting for something as being about turning it into a balance sheet or income statement figure, about putting a price or […]

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Managed Realignment and PES could reverse damage to Wetlands

At NCI’s Natural Capital Summit ‘Valuing our Life Support Systems 2104’ on the 6th & 7th November, there will be a session highlighting positive land and water management case studies. In the run up to the event, Steering Group member Bill Watts asks, why is there a […]

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What is natural capital?

Daija Angeli, project officer in the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI), works with the term natural capital every day. When a member of NCI’s Steering Group mentioned that people don’t know what it means until you tell them about bumblebees and apple trees, as tickets […]

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NERC supports Valuing our Life Support Systems 2014 as a Leading Sponsor

NCI are excited to announce that the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) will be a Leading Sponsor for our Valuing our Life Support Systems natural capital summit, hosted at the British Library on 6th & 7th November. NERC are a very relevant partner for […]

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Urban green infrastructure and human wellbeing

Earlier this month, parliamentarians and academics discussed the evidence on how urban open spaces can improve human well-being. Daija Angeli, NCI project officer, summarises what she learnt at the debate at the Houses of Parliament.

Living in cities may be exciting and culturally enriching, but […]

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Is Natural Capital Accounting a political imperative? The first GLOBE UK Natural Capital Legislation Conference

GLOBE UK held their first GLOBE UK Natural Capital Legislation Conference this week. Daija Angeli, NCI project officer, went to the House of Commons to attend the event.

Is Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) a political imperative? This was the central question of the first 1st […]

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