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Making Natural Capital Data Meaningful

This week the Natural Capital Initiative convened a meeting that brought together scientists, economists and a range of people who use the natural capital data that they produce - from NGOs to big business - to discuss the availability of natural capital data, and how it can be meaningfully used when making decisions about our

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Natural Capital in the Construction Industry

Last week, NCI and the Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) jointly hosted ‘Beyond concepts: Natural capital tools for the UK construction industry’ – a meeting that brought together construction professionals with scientists and others to discuss the application of natural capital principles in the built environment. Setting the Scene Chair Professor Mike Acreman

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Unpacking the Natural Capital Protocol

A key milestone was reached this summer with the launch of the Natural Capital Coalition’s Natural Capital Protocol.  Helen Dunn explores the protocol in more depth including next steps. The Protocol is “a standardised framework to identify, measure and value direct and indirect impacts (positive and negative) and/or dependencies on natural capital”. The aim of

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ONS & Defra Natural Capital Project

Defra and the ONS are working on an interdisciplinary project which brings ecological and economical expertise together to establish an integrated set of natural capital accounts. This project aims to provide a consistent framework for natural capital accounting in the UK, adapting the United Nation’s System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) which contains agreed standard concepts,

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Natural Capital & Mental Health: Urban Green Space

The third in a series of posts on natural capital and mental health, guest blogger Dr Lindsay Walker explores how urban green space and planning can impact on the mental health of residents. More than 50% of people currently live in urban areas, with the global urban population projected to be over 75% by 2030.

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Announcing an exciting collaboration between NCI and CIRIA

Our natural and built environments are intricately linked, yet the application of natural capital concepts to construction industry practices is far from mainstream, and there still remains some uncertainty around the true impact placed on the natural environment. NCI has identified this as a key gap in ensuring that natural capital is economically and financially

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