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Implementing “wholescapes” guidance: challenges and opportunities to reconnect policy and people from land to sea

Edward Maltby, University of Liverpool & Mike Acreman, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology This session will focus on the follow-up to one of the key recommendations from the Valuing our Life Support Systems 2014 Summit on partnerships for land and water management: “Wholescape thinking: towards integrating the management of catchments, coast and the sea through

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Valuing nature – what works? What have we learned from the Valuing Nature Programme about working across disciplines and with decision-makers?

Hosted by Ece Ozdemiroglu, Valuing Nature Network We are now in the final year of the five-year Valuing Nature Programme to improve our understanding of how valuation can improve decision-making on the natural environment. In this session we will hear from project leads about the wealth of experience they have developed in working on valuation

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National Parks Revisited – a literary review?

Michael Gove’s aptly timed launch of the National Parks review in late May is a step in the right direction for UK environmental commitments – but will key issues be addressed and how well will it pack a punch? Helen Currie, our policy intern and PhD student at the University of Southampton discusses. The 1949

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The most pressing challenge for natural capital restoration in the UK – how to finance it

Bruce Howard, organiser of the upcoming Natural Capital Investment Conference, provides a perspective on the most pressing challenge for natural capital restoration in the UK – how to finance it. Natural science and economics are playing an important role in helping us to put the natural capital concept into practice. Nonetheless, a major impediment to

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Building blocks for nature and people – report from our workshop

In our recent workshop, friends of nature and buildings came together to discuss natural capital in the built environment. We discussed drivers, barriers and solutions to implementing the natural capital approach as well as initiatives to embed the natural capital approach in the built environment sector. Download our report from the workshop Photo courtesy

Wholescape thinking – a guidance note

The Natural Capital Initiative has produced guidance for improving integrated management of land and rivers, the coasts and the open seas through partnerships. It recognises that our economy and well-being are fundamentally dependent on a healthy natural environment. A key challenge to achieving this is to overcome what are sometimes separate responsibilities for different but

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