Looking across the natural capital landscape – a review of UK natural capital initiatives

Natural capital is increasingly recognised as an important concept that highlights the role of natural assets in our society and businesses. At the moment there are several natural capital initiatives in the UK, bringing together different stakeholders to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange. The James Hutton Institute has reviewed UK natural capital initiatives to better understand their purpose and practices, and the people behind them.

According to the review, there are many important natural capital activities but the natural capital arena is becoming crowded. We need to promote coordination and collaboration between the initiatives to build economies of scale towards our common goal: conservation of our natural capital. It is important to move from awareness raising to operationalising the natural capital approach and making it mainstream across wider economics and society. We need actual implementation and funding for specific projects from the private sector, too.

We would love to hear other natural capital initiatives’ views on the path ahead through the natural capital landscape. Please contact us by email (secretariat@naturalcapitalinitiative.org.uk) or tweet us your thoughts @NCI_NatCap!

The natural capital of a tree from World Forum on Natural Capital’s infographic