NCI Steering Group member William Watts, Welsh Environmental Hub – Interview with the Univeristy of Surrey

William Watts, NCI Steering Group member from the Welsh Environmental Hub, and part time environmental economist for the Environment Agency, talks to The University of Surrey about ecosystem services. The discussion explores if ecosystem service markets could benefit biodiversity, and looks at the key issues

July 27th, 2012|Collaboration, Science|

Partnerships for ecosystem valuation – Presentation by NCI Chair Rosie Hails online

Rosie Hails, Chair of the Natural Capital Initiative Steering Group, spoke at an event on “Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services for Business: new collaboration opportunities” on the 13 March 2012. The presentation explores how businesses can work with academia to develop new and effective tools

June 19th, 2012|Business, Collaboration, Science|

Ecological and economic perspectives on sustainable agriculture

This week, the Natural Capital Initiative ran a workshop to discuss how ecologists and economists can collaborate to increase sustainability in agriculture. Two keynote presentations outlined how farmers could be given incentives to protect environmental goods and services. These came from the perspective of ecologist

May 10th, 2012|Collaboration, NCI event, Science|