Sponsorship opportunities

We are pleased to welcome the Natural Environment Research Council, NERC, as our lead sponsor. In addition, we are looking for a limited number of core sponsors and supporters to collaborate with.

The Natural Capital Initiative was launched in 2009 to promote natural capital science and dialogue between the scientific community, policy makers and business leaders. It is a partnership of the Royal Society of Biology, British Ecological Society, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, and the James Hutton Institute, reaching thousands of professionals in the learned societies of biology, ecology and hydrology in the UK. Our summits and dialogue sessions bring science to policy and business, creating new ideas and influencing research agenda, policy directions and business decisions.

Partner logos and reach

Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019 provides an independent and inclusive platform for the science, policy and business communities to discuss and debate innovative natural capital solutions for the benefit of people and nature. Our summit follows from two influential Valuing our Life Support Systems summits in 2014 and 2009, which opened the conversation about natural capital approaches in these areas – each attracting over 200 key influencers in the natural capital community. Our 2019 summit will cover the most important current themes, including:

  • New frontiers in natural capital data and methods
  • Governance and institutions for implementing natural capital solutions
  • Urban health and wellbeing
  • Sustainable land and water management
  • Sustainable marine planning
Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019 will provide you with a unique opportunity to:
  • Connect with key experts from the leading edge of natural capital science and practice to cover your organisation’s questions
  • Meet the best scientists to understand how science is helping policy and businesses to protect natural capital
  • Be part of new networks of science, policy and practice to advance natural capital management
  • Support the advancement of natural capital thinking in policy and business
  • Benefit from the opportunity to develop future NCI dialogue sessions on the summit themes
  • Reach thousands of Natural Capital Initiative, Royal Society of Biology, British Ecological Society, Centre for Ecology and the James Hutton Institute followers in social media before and during the event.

Our summit will take place on 21-22 May 2019 in London. Our venue, The Crystal in London’s docklands, has the highest standards in sustainability, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Watch what our guests and sponsors thought of the Valuing our Life Support Systems 2014 summit:


Core sponsor – £5,000
  • Your organisation will be acknowledged as a Core sponsor at the start of the event
  • Your name and logo as Core sponsor displayed prominently on our website, with a backlink to your website
  • Your name and logo associated with the words “Core sponsor” on all event promotional materials and correspondence, including social media
  • Exhibition stand
  • Up to two company representatives at the event
Supporter – £2,000
  • Your name and logo on our website as conference supporter, with a backlink to your website
  • Shared space on exhibition stand
  • One company representatives at the event
Bespoke Opportunities

We  are happy to explore the option to create a bespoke package to help you maximise your involvement in the Valuing our Life Support Systems 2019 and fulfil your requirements. To discuss bespoke options, including supporting the conference dinner or drinks reception, please contact Minna Hartikainen by email or phone 020 7685 2566.

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